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Update Blogpost

Update Blogpost

I took a break from reading Dave's biography. There were three reasons for my vacation:

  1. My self-perception felt so entangled with my idyllic idea of him that to see his character revealed felt like a personal insult.
  2. I was in need of a vacation, anyways, from this Wallace stuff. Distance lends perception.
  3. I had to begin reading The Iliad for Reed. This book, and Gilgamesh, which I haven't yet started.

Today I started back up reading the biography. (Every Love Story is a Ghost Story), by the way. I spent about 3 hours at a coffee shop reading—broken occasionally by a thought, or watching the harsh Charlevoix rain downtown, or writing something down.

That's where I've been: Charlevoix, Michigan. I'm staying for another week—which means I will have stayed here for a total of 4 weeks. I'm a part-time gardener; I work on a farm mowing, using a weed-whacker, shoveling, painting, mulching . . . I've also spent time weeding a tourist-attraction-slash-wedding-facility "Castle Farms". 


Mostly, though, I've been waking up early, working outdoors for 5 hours, reading, walking downtown, and getting roped into interesting scenarios. Oh yeah, I also am driving a 1990's "Powder Blue" (Mom's description) Cadillac, previously owned by great grandma Rosemary: an allegedly formidable woman whom I had only met once. I go to the library often. I've made voyages to the 30-minute close-by city of Petosky, Michigan. I have written postcards to dear friends. It is lonely here, but I love it.

I've been afraid to post anything for a while. College looms pretty large in the near-future, and the main objective recently has been distracting myself. Normally, I would fall back on entertainment. So I fell back on entertainment. That being said, I've made some significant progress on furthering my understanding of a few ideas, the main two being

  • Authenticity w/in art (key item: Bo Burnham's new movie Eighth Grade)
  • Consciousness (key item: Gödel, Escher, Bach by Douglass R. Hofstadter)

As this is an update blog, I won't be diving headfirst into those topics in this post. Lookout for later posts on these topics.

I'm back in Atlanta. For a while, I thought about driving down to Albany, GA, where a lot of my childhood memories lay dormant in wait of rediscovery. Instead, I chose to stay here and reach out to friends. It's the eye of the storm, before I fly up to college, so I don't want to stretch my time too thin.

I've been running, and I'm looking into chess. By the way, I finished the biography. It was really, really good—and I feel really as though I know the direction that his work was trying to go, and have had many, many things cleared up. I feel pretty separated from the idea of him, having seen a large section of his entire self.

I'm glad that I took a break from publishing these posts—hopefully the publishing of this one will spur me to publish more soon.


David Foster Wallace's Biblical Fall from Grace

David Foster Wallace's Biblical Fall from Grace