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Clever Bots

Clever Bots

you: Do you ever think about how, if, you’re just, like, the only conscious person?

Haha, what?

you: Like, you can’t prove that i’m not just a really smart robot that just seems like a person. And I can’t prove that you’re not a smart robot either.

I am, in fact, just a really smart robot.

you: Oh really? Haha.

Yeah—beep bloop blorp.

you: I, too, am just a really smart robot.

Beep bloop blorp I feel nothing on the inside.

you: [dying of laughter] Haha, Beep Bloop Blorp please feed me oil.

Beep Bloop Blorp I traded my sense of identity for an idle, passive, mechanical existence.

you: Hahaha. It's becoming self-aware.

User#53012: looks at phone

you: notices user#53012 looking at its phone


you: I have to go to English....

{logs out}



Student Activism and The War of Ideas

Student Activism and The War of Ideas