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‘16 Galloway Year Highlights

‘16 Galloway Year Highlights

At least the 2015-2016 Galloway School year made a delightful whooshing sound as it flew by us. As a journalist, sorry, a professional journalist, my job is simple: find a story, cover it, and let the story sing for itself. This is my attempt to cover some of the highlights. Enjoy!!!

Fall Show: Scapin

The Fall Theatre Production proved to be a colossal success this year. Award winning actor Will Hodgdon played Scapin in the eponymous Scapin. If you missed out on seeing it, you really missed out. Scapin had it all: drama, action, love, and fancy pantaloons. Highlights of the show included horribly executed French accents, almost killing the lead actor with a sword, mispronunciations of Hyacinth, and of course, George Katcharava. The one-act comedy landed us a third place award at regionals (making Galloway history!) and two performances at Thescon. We don’t talk about Thescon, but it’s a pretty big deal. Below is a quick interview with a castmate in Scapin.

    I interviewed castmate Molly Fortnow about the production …


What made Scapin a great production?

    “I really think the best thing about The close bond that the cast really had. The cast formed a close knit family, and it really helped us put a lot of love and energy into what we were doing. Whenever we got called back to perform we always loved doing it and it was never like a chore”

        How did it feel to perform in front of 400-700 people?

            “Surprisingly, it felt similar. It didn’t feel as though we were performing in front of a whole ton of people. Audiences at thescon are tons of fun because they’re really interactive with the people on stage. They’re really audible, you could hear them laugh hard and gasp. It was really cool. You put yourself out there.”

        Tell us a quick story that happened during Scapin!

            “This one time, we had theatre dinner, and Chris was missing. Chris said he was gonna come, but he vanished. We tried texting him and calling him and calling him and calling him. We couldn’t reach him, and so we ran around the campus shouting Chris’ name. We went inside and outside and couldn’t find him. Finally, Chris picked up one of my phone calls, but he said ‘sorry, my audio isn't working’ and then he hung up. At least we knew he was alive. After a while, Chris appears, and he’s sopping wet. Naturally, we were all wondering why he was sopping wet, and he told us [redacted because Chris is editing this and he definitely did not fall into Hamburger pond while talking on the phone with Declan Greenwald and that’s why his phone’s audio wasn’t working].”


Winter Show: Ashgirl

Written by Lawrence Nieves

The Winter Show production of Ashgirl was a fantastically dark telling of the classic fairy tale Cinderella. From fantastic student-made set pieces and even more of Mrs. Cates’ fantastic costume work, audiences were able to see our illustrious Bridget Nabors depict Ashgirl through a whirlwind of themes about overcontrolling parents, boy problems, and self-confidence. Particularly noticeable parts of the show include students portraying emotions similar to their real life self, such as Alex McBurney’s anger and Christopher Nieves’ laziness, an evil family lead by the School’s infamously frightening senior, Lily Maslia, and intense action scenes from  the dreamy brothers, Nick Shankle and Lawrence Nieves. The Winter show was the first show to be presented in the “Next Stage Theater,” and the cast was brought extremely close both emotionally and physically backstage.  


Spring Musical: Big Fish

Big Fish concluded the year with a thunderous explosion of emotion, a denouement for the entire cast, especially the seniors. This year was special for a multitude of reasons: it was the seniors’ last production in theatre, it was Ramsay’s and McNair’s last production, and it was the last Galloway production for the school year. Not only was Big Fish a great overall production for the actors, but it was one of the best (in my opinion) tech performances. Techies had to move huge set pieces off and on stage, light the stage correctly (shoutout to Truly Cates), spotlight the actors, find missing footballs, and run the production. And that was only the production! The set was one of the biggest and best quality sets of my years at Galloway. As always, the torch that is the theatre legacy will be passed down by the seniors, and we will continue next year! Big Fish was an excellent gift to send the seniors off on whatever challenges and accomplishments await them.


Visual Art    

I interviewed Mr. Allen about the year of 2016 in Visual Arts

This was your first year teaching at Galloway! What was that like!?

“It was great! It was a little uncomfortable to adjust at first, just because I was new. The students were very lovely, I'm excited for next year, because I’ll be more comfortable.

What classes did you enjoy teaching this year?

“I enjoyed my advanced students very much, and the painting class is going quite well. What I liked about Ceramics was that it was the bridge between fine art and craft. And so, the students who take it are the students who may not be as confident in their drawing or painting ability, but there’s more of a utilitarian slant to how they think or what they want to do.”

Could you list a few highlights of teaching visual arts at Galloway?

“The facilities definitely. Having a dedicated ceramics studio is a big highlight. Also the administration has been very open ended about what I can do. So what I did was I took some technical things from the state system and more of the conceptual things that came out of the Ivy program and combined it in the classroom. Also just the chance to get to know the students, especially the ones who don’t think that they’re ‘art people’ and still have an enjoyable experience.”

What classes do you look forward teaching next year?

“All of them, really. Next year what I’m excited about is that I’ve designed the schedule, the classes that I want to offer, and i’m looking forward to running it that way and also doing some more conceptual things. So the other teachers and I were talking about teaching art with more social engagement and want to try and work into the classes where we’re doing art that’s more about an action or working within the confines of a community instead of just learning how to draw by one’s self.”



There are a plethora of Galloway students who have taken up instruments.    Many of them have discovered a hidden passion for music that they will maintain for the rest of their lives. I find a particular interest in Galloway’s Orchestra. Having never played a string instrument (or rather, never learned how to play one well), I am quickly infatuated with each strum and pluck. Galloway music has been a prominent course in many of our lives.

    I interviewed Cameron Mitchell about her experiences in Galloway Orchestra

1. How long have you done Galloway Strings?

"Since 7th grade, so about 6 years."

2. What was your experience in Galloway Strings like in the 2015-2016 year?

"Unique. I had to form my own class since I didn't have time to take the first period class that is traditionally taken by students. It took a lot of working on my own and forming own rehearsals, but it went well."

3. What were some accomplishments achieved in Galloway Strings this year?

"Well I organized and performed in a cello quartet and I also played up to three solos."

4. To whom would you recommend Galloway Strings for next year?

"Anyone who has a love for stringed instruments and wishes to learn, whether they've been playing 12 years or 0. Also, especially join if you like the cello or play the cello. We need cellos...."



Sports have always been a part of Galloway’s community. Sports require discipline, teamwork, and effort from each individual. Galloway offers a variety of different sports, all of which build a stronger community through the hard work and dedication of each athlete.

    I interviewed several students on their experiences doing Galloway sports

Luke Murray: Varsity cross country (Denny Beatty)

A memorable moment: When both the boys and girls cross country teams qualified for state for the second year in a row, also that this was the 19th consecutive year the guys team went to state was very memorable. I would recommend emailing Rebecca Aman and/or Alex Van Schoor for some of these questions as well.

Did the sport change much this year? I think cross country changes significantly every year because of who is leading the team, who we compete with, what meets we go to which changes each year, and simply who is on the team. Again I would recommend contacting a few more members of the team.



What did you gain from doing this sport? Every year I run cross country I gain friends, relationships, incredible memories, and experiences that change the way I think.



To whom would you recommend Cross Country for next year? I would recommend Cross Country to anyone that is willing to put in a little work every day to gain a new and close group of friends and teammates, lots of fun, and some good experiences with friends.





Melinda Hartz: Varsity girls basketball (Kiesha and ShanRita)





A memorable moment: : We all came out one game against strong rock, a really hard team, and ended up losing the game by only 2 points, I think. We didn't win, but we did scare them a little. That was the game we all went out to dinner before and Kiesha took our phones away until after the game and we bonded a whole lot.



Did the sport change much this year? I think that the program is really trying to expand to build a closer knit culture. Also, trying to introduce young ones to the sport early so they will be ready to go when they reach varsity level.



What do you gain from doing this sport? I learn a lot about myself, about being a teammate, and life. I think that Kiesha really wants us to learn about dealing with life as well as sports through basketball and that is truly special. I get to be a leader but also a follower to my leaders, and that chain of connection is super important. That is how you will find things about yourself and others you couldn't otherwise.





Rebecca Aman: Varsity Track and Field (Beatty, McIntosh, Jan)





A memorable moment: The most memorable moment was probably the region meet; we had 4 kids make it to the next level of competition! Also it was the last meet of my high school career.



Did the sport change much this year? Track team is a little different every year because seniors graduate and new kids join; this year we had a lot of underclassmen who were new to the sport, which was super fun!



What did you gain from doing this sport? Track has helped me stay fit, make friends, and most importantly learn how to lead.



To whom would you recommend Track and Field for next year?Anyone who likes to run or wants to exercise more should join track! It's also a super good way to make new friends




Interview with Ms. Jemsby



The following answers are paraphrased from the interview.

  1. What has changed at Galloway this year?

For one, Mr. Emmons is in a new role as the director of 4D. He helps teachers to work more 4D, which translates into allowing teachers to utilyze professional development on using technology effectively in the classrooms. A huge accomplishment is the laptops we have given out to every student. High schoolers now have a school-given laptop to work on their homework, research, and to help facilitate learning.


  1. What will change at Galloway next year?


There will be a dining service at Galloway next year, which will hopefully be operational by next October. It’s pretty exciting, and the food is really good. Students are getting involved for the menu, and food will be available for purchase on campus. Over the summer, classrooms will be repainted and recarpeted, and some will get new furniture (the 4D team is working on that). “The Green” will be fixed up and improved with new blue turf. There will certainly be new opportunities for naming, since it can’t be called “The Green”. The Arnold building is getting a new roof, and there will be a professional grade gallery between the Early Learning building and Chaddick to display student’s art. The McKerrow will be improved, and we will be getting some new teachers as well.


  1. What do you hope to achieve at Galloway next year?


I hope to provide better understanding upon what ‘4D’ truly is: better vocabulary to describe teaching with effective use of technology. The four pillars are still in place as normal, and are used to characterize the students that go to Galloway. We’re not trying to replace the four pillars at all, just provide better terminology behind the technological improvements we’re making.


  1. We’re getting a new principal. What is he like?


He’s really, really thoughtful. He’s a genuinely nice person with a soft, human side like Mr. Mathis. He comes from a school in Ohio which had three, 3 week long excursion units where each student could delve into a particular topic in great detail. He’s really big on swimming, a father of three, and a really smart guy.


  1. We’re also getting a new assistant principal. What is she like?


She worked with schools up in the North East and moved down to Atlanta with her husband, who is the associate head at another school. She was first interested in Galloway because she applied her little kids who are twins. She found out about the position and applied. She’s a very smart lady, and has got degrees at a pretty high level. We look forward to having her at Galloway!


Closing Statements


    There are so many things going on at Galloway! It would take me at least a month and a half to cover everything that has been going on at this school, and by then, more will have gone on. I’d like to end the article by saying a farewell to all the seniors leaving Galloway this year. I have gotten the absolute pleasure to know the majority of you, and of those who I call my best of friends, it has been an honor to have gotten to know you. This has been an eventful year at Galloway, and I hope that I will have the opportunity to cover more of it next year!

—Christopher Barclay ‘18

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