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What you should know about Galloway Grounds

What you should know about Galloway Grounds

Galloway Grounds is reopening its countertops for the community once again. The esteemed coffee house will provide you with coffee shop drinks during the school day, including but not limited to Black Coffee, Latte, Café Americano, Hot Chocolate, and Hot Tea. Carrying a warm, casual atmosphere, the shop offers a domain for students to leisure, as well as a workplace environment similar to those of Starbucks and Caribou.

            Frequently Asked Questions:

      I.         Who is in charge of the Galloway Grounds initiative?

A.   As of 2015-16, Melissa Thornton is the main person to go to for information. Melissa has helped renovate the shop, improve the quality of the drinks, train the staff, and reworked the business side of the shop. If you’d like to apply for a job at Galloway Grounds, she is an important contact to have!

    II.         How long does it take to train someone for the job?

A.   Typically, it takes 2-3 days of training for a student to become comfortable working with the machines in the shop. It is customary for an experienced worker to show the trainee the ropes. The more practice put into making coffee, the easier it is to improve quality and efficiency.

  III.         What are some of the benefits to working at Galloway Grounds?

A.   Workers at Galloway Grounds get a 50% discount for all drinks, meaning the $1.50 hot chocolate you enjoy getting only costs $0.75. Alongside the discount, workers who work 40+ hours are able to get credit for all the time put into running the shop. Running the shop can also be a lot of fun if you’re working alongside a friend.

  IV.         How much does everything cost?

A.   There is a bulletin board outside of the shop with the menu/prices listed, but as of now, the prices are as follows:

      Double-Shot Espresso — 1.00

      Lemonade — 1.00

      Coffee (regular and decaf) — 1.50

      Hot Chocolate — 1.50

      Hot Tea — 1.50

      Currently available: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Peppermint, Chamomile, Chai Spice

      Latte — 3.00

      Cappuccino — 3.00

      Flat White — 3.00

      Café Americano — 3.00

      Macchiato — 3.00

      Mocha — 3.50

    V.         Why do we have Galloway Grounds?

A.   At the start of the initiative, I was skeptical of the purpose behind this mysterious coffee shop. It seemed as though only seniors knew what it was about, and I wasn’t purchasing anything from the shop. However, with my time spent at Galloway Grounds, I learned a few things: Galloway Grounds has the potential to bring its own profit, the drinks are pretty good, and it’s a lot of fun to work the shop with friends. I’ve learned the basics of working as a barista, I can work on homework during breaks, and I can get credit for helping out the community! It’s a sweet gig for any high schooler looking for something to do during lunch.

  VI.         Can you make me a hot chocolate under the counter?

A.   No! I’m not getting fired/worse for making you a cheap hot chocolate for free!

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